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Your Partner in Potential.jpgThe Sultanate of Oman’s unique geographical location, stable economy, and robust infrastructure make it an ideal landscape for investment, compelled by the government’s open economic direction to encourage investment by introducing several new measures to stimulate its business environment. Reducing income tax for SMEs, offering long-term residency permits for foreign investors, and simplifying procedures related to commercial activities. These incentives are guided by Oman’s Vision 2040 to create a fertile climate for investment to bolster and strengthen the role of the private sector in the economy. Several key investment sectors, such as mining, energy, food & fisheries, logistics and tourism, are in line with the country’s economic diversification plans. Thus, whichever sector you intend to invest in, OIA is here to be your partner in the post-oil era.


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OIA Economic Sectors


Energy.jpgThe energy sector represents one of the promising industries to create sustainable economic opportunities in the country. At Oman Investment Authority, we focus on areas within the sector that help achieve these goals, especially projects related to renewable energy. Our investments within the energy sector cover the entire value chain from exploration and production to marketing and distribution. Additionally, our investments also cover power generation, infrastructure, energy transportation, oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing.

Investment opportunities in the Sultanate’s energy sector offer great returns and vast future expansion possibilities. Future investment areas in the energy sector include increased investments in downstream production, alternative and renewable energy, retail and gas management.


Key companies operating in the sector



The mining sector is a key sector among the sectors for economic diversification in Oman, as it aims to utilise the country’s unique and rich natural resources. Initial estimates indicate that most of the Sultanate’s mineral reserves are still untapped. Oman Investment Authority’s local investments within the sector include a range of entities operating in the exploration, mining, production, and transportation of minerals such as copper, silver, gold, chromite, and limestone. Additionally, a project is currently in place to cover the environmental legacy in mining areas by turning mining operations green for the industry's sustainability.

Investments in the mining and resource industry mainly focus on assets, which support the local mining industry to develop in-country resources by creating integrated value chains. Areas for future development within the Omani mining sector include exploring new areas of the Sultanate’s diverse untapped resources, building factories and refinery plants, and developing downstream mineral products.


Key companies operating in the sector



Logistics.jpgThanks to the Sultanate’s ideal geographical location on the global trade routes, the logistic sector plays a crucial role in driving the country’s diversification plan to achieve financial stability. Our logistical investments cover ports, free zones, Drydock services, road networks and maritime services. Logistical services are an excellent catalyst for other target sectors such as tourism, food, mining, hydrocarbon, petrochemical industries.

There are many areas of growth within the sector in designing, building, financing and operating. Plans involve widening the scope of logistical services, through operational expansion and integrated logistical solutions, shipbuilding, commercialising small ports, and infrastructure development, with the overall goal of improving the country’s air, land and sea connectivity.


Key companies operating in the sector


Food & Fisheries

Fisheries.jpgPromoting Oman’s food security is a crucial element of the country’s medium to long-term economic development plan; we aim to develop this vital sector through partnerships with private operators and investors. Fisheries are the Sultanate’s second-largest natural resource. The sector is in its growth stage and is expected to receive a significant injection of investments in projects involving processing and marketing fish and fishery products and aquaculture farms. Our investments in the food sector cover a range of companies specialising in breeding, production, distribution, and marketing of food goods such as flourmills, livestock, dairy, poultry, date palm, editable oils.

Further investment within the sector is set to drive the country’s self-sufficiency forward through product development, the building of factories and plants, operational expansion, and increasing exports into international markets.


Key companies operating in the sector



Our investments within the tourism sector mainly involve hospitality related projects and companies and destination management. With hotels varying from premium 3 star to luxurious 5 star hotels. In addition to urban development projects.

There are many opportunities to invest in the country’s diversified pool of mixed use and tourism related assets and companies that include the development and management of strategic tourism infrastructure projects. In addition to renovation and launching several hotels.


Key companies operating in the sector



Aviation.jpgOIA places great focus on the aviation sector due to its vast potential to boost the Omani economy and promote the performance of other industries such as the logistics and tourism sectors. Our investments within the sector involve airport development, management and operation, ground handling, and airlines.

Future opportunities within the rapidly expanding aviation sector lie in developing airport cities, free zones, and airport expansions, in line with the countrywide strategy to further develop the sector and unlock Oman’s touristic and logistic connectivity potential.


Key companies operating in the sector



Financial.jpgAs part of our efforts to invest for a better future and sustainable development for generations to come, we target sectors such as financial services which we believe will add social and economic value to the Sultanate. Our financial and investment efforts are concerned on diversifying the sources of national revenue by providing finance to cooperate and medium enterprises, funding promising economic activities, and supporting the financial strategy. In addition to supporting SME’s in different sectors to help employment generation and foster economic growth.

Area of future investment within the finance sector involve financing development projects for larges, medium and small enterprises, and other financing projects.


Key companies operating in the sector



ICT.pngThe Information Communication and Technology sector plays a crucial role in driving the country’s plans for economic sustainability. Our investments in the industry mainly focus on supporting investment in the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and investing in the necessary infrastructure to achieve this goal. Moreover, our investments in the technology sector cover the growth stage and mature companies, with the potential to add value that could benefit the local industry. Developing the ICT sector enables it to support other economic sectors through smart technologies that help grow these target sectors, thus ultimately contributing to the national economy.

Our investment strategy looking forward will mainly focus on enhancing investment in digital transformation, cybersecurity, cloud services and digital systems. Areas of investment also include increasing funding in venture investments to support emerging technologies then turning emerging industries into existing industries.


Key companies operating in the sector


Services (Utilities)

Services.jpgOur investments within the services sector mainly focus on water and power generation and distribution across the country. These investments are involved in the procurement, generation, transmission, supply, and distribution of water and electricity-related services. We aim to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient supply of water and electricity across the country through these local initiatives. In addition, our investments support the country’s growing economy and rising utility needs by investing in new generation initiatives and encouraging private sector participation.

Further investment plans include entering into renewable energy projects and converting traditional sources of energy to solar, wind and waste to energy power in addition to upgrading and building new substations.


Key companies operating in the sector



Industry.jpgOur industrial investment strategy fosters lasting relations with top-tier production operators; in line with the Sultanate’s goal of economic sustainability, we invest across the sector’s operating channels. The industrial sector supplements other economic sectors in the country such as mining, refineries, energy and food security by providing plants, factories and industrial complexes to support production and manufacturing. Our investments within the sector also include projects such as pharmaceutical formation and manufacturing plants.

Areas of investment with the industrial sector include building and upgrading plants and supporting the government’s efforts to promote the industry through local initiatives working towards Oman’s self-sufficiency.


Key companies operating in the sector


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