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OIA invests in more than 50 countries worldwide across two categories:

1. Public Markets: global stocks, fixed-income bonds and short-term assets

2. Private market: private investments in real estate developments, logistics, service sector, mining, industrial projects, technology,

The average annual returns till 2023


OIA’s assets size till 2023

19.2 billion



OIA is passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining talented Omanis, to cultivate them into future leaders. Our investment strategy relies, above all, on the quality and experience of our professionals.

OIA has a juristic personality and an independent financial status. The governance structure of OIA consists of the following governing bodies:

  • OIA Regulative Body
  • Investment Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Audit Committee:
  • Tenders Committee
  • Management Committee (MC)
  • IT Committee

Oman Investment Authority

Building Number:- 70
Way Number:- 3430
Street Name:- Jamiat Al Duwal Al Arabiah
Al Khuwair
Muscat P.C 100, Oman
T:+968 2474 5100

OIA Whistleblowing

Tel:  : 24745700 

Audit Committee Chairman


For general enquiries please email us at : 

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