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Oman Investment Authority Launches Jadarah Resourcing Platform The Digital Platform aims to Streamline the Recruitment and Training Processes

with its national commitment and the government's digital transformation plans, Oman Investment Authority and its companies, has announced the launch of Jadarah, a new innovative digital platform to facilitate the recruitment, training and development of Omanis.

Jadarah serves as a unified digital recruitment hub, connecting OIA and its companies with the public. The platform offers a full range of opportunities for employment, training and secondment at OIA and its companies, and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to expedite and refine recruitment processes while providing real-time reports and data. Through its intelligent features, Jadarah streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Jadarah is a comprehensive platform that serves as a unified digital recruitment hub, specifically designed to display all employment and training opportunities. It seamlessly connects OIA and its companies with the public, providing a centralized platform for individuals seeking jobs opportunities or exploring secondment and training programs.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jadarah optimizes the recruitment process, expediting and refining it. Jadarah's intelligent features ensure a streamlined recruitment experience, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, it generates real-time reports and data, which enhances the recruitment process.

Commenting on the importance of the platform, Saud Al-Yahmadi, Assistant Deputy President of People & Change at Oman Investment Authority, emphasized OIA’s commitment to attract talented, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals based on merit. The platform underscores OIA’s dedication to supporting national competencies through various strategies and initiatives, including employment opportunities, development programs, and training for Omani citizens. By nurturing graduates and job seekers, the platform prepares them for the labour market while promoting sustainable development and economic prosperity. It is worth noting that the Omanization rate within OIA stands at an impressive 94%, highlighting their ongoing initiatives and commitment to local employment and Omanization, while also promoting their local, regional, and international competitiveness.

Sultan Al-Alawi, Senior Manager of Resourcing & Talent Management at OIA, highlighted the importance of Jadarah in enhancing the existing governance systems. By providing a digital one-stop-shop for recruitment, the platform ensures transparency and equal employment opportunities for all applicants, fostering transparent recruitment process. Al Alawi also noted that Jadarah optimizes user experience, simplifies procedures, and automates recruitment, saving time and effort for job seekers. With easy-to-use interfaces, candidates can search and apply for various vacancies that matches their skills. The platform offers Oman Investment Authority and its companies a good opportunity to efficiently manage and evaluate candidates in a centralized manner. The platform's mobile-friendly design expands the reach of job opportunities, enabling a wider audience access. Additionally, the platform has been developed by an Omani company, demonstrating OIA’s support for SMEs. The launch of Jadarah was held under the auspicious of His Excellency Prof. Mahad Baawain, Minister of Labour, along with His Excellency Abdulsalam Al Murshidi, President of the Oman Investment Authority, and senior officials from OIA and its companies.

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