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Oman Investment Authority (OIA) launches an Initiative for more than 4800 Employment and Training Opportunities

OIA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, launched an initiative to create more than 4800 job and training opportunities under its subsidiary companies. This move underlines the firm commitment of OIA and its affiliate towards empowering national talent by generating more job and training opportunities and contributing to their recruitment; one of top national priorities that align with the objectives of Oman Vision 2040.

The three-phase initiative will be implemented during the current year 2021, and is expect to provide direct employment opportunities, training for employment and on-the-job training, in addition to various opportunities for skill development which will improve trainees’ employability and competitiveness.

The initiative targets the diploma, bachelor and master graduates of different disciplines as well as the laid off employees, graduates of general diploma and pre general-diploma. The opportunities will be based on a set of priorities including the family income, social status and work location. Some of OIA owned companies have already announced the availability of employment and training opportunities and the registration mechanism for the same. Others will announce similar opportunities through their channels soon in line with the initiative envisaged in coordination with the Ministry of Labour.

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