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OIA Launches' Thiqat' for Easy Application to Boards of Entities affiliated with OIA

Oman Investment Authority (OIA) has launched a new platform, Thiqat, to enable talents with high competencies, experiences, and capabilities to apply for board memberships in Entities affiliated with OIA. The platform is designed to support OIA's commitment to corporate governance values and active community engagement.

Thiqat will provide an integrated database by promoting public engagement and attracting qualified individuals to participate in these companies' decision-making, especially those with distinguished expertise and competencies. Applicants can apply through the platform by submitting their CVs, qualifications, experience certificates, and other supporting documents to enable the Authority to select the best representatives to act as board members. The platform will further serve the long-term purpose of building up a talent pool to represent the Authority in the future. Members of these boards will have a critical role in the more significant national economic development social welfare of local communities. All applicants are expected to have a strong sense of responsibility that enables them to perform their duties to the fullest.

Nasser bin Suleiman Al-Harthi -Acting Vice President, Operations – "the Thiqaat platform came to consolidate the role the Authority plays in order to embody the noble directives of His Majesty the Sultan - may God protect him - to strengthen the governance of state-owned enterprises, as well as to expand the circle of community engagement in order to achieve this. This platform is considered a natural sequence of what the Authority has started since Royal Decree No. 61/2020 by launching the Rawabet program. It aims to establish a general framework for governing the state-owned enterprises; and create a platform that aligns the policies and regulations of these companies with OIA policies, to unify and align them with Oman Vision 2040, especially concerning economic diversification".

Board members will play a supervisory role over the business, formulate the vision and strategy, and address business-related risks by utilizing their unmatched experiences and knowledge. Board Members of these companies are expected to follow the best professional practices and demonstrate the highest leadership skills, efficiency, and integrity. In addition to their duties to their companies, shareholders, regulatory bodies, legislators, and other related parties, the directors are collectively responsible for implementing long-term strategies and overall success.

Qualified individuals who meet the conditions for candidacy to board memberships in the OIA affiliated entities can log in to the Thiqat platform on OIA's official website and submit their applications directly.

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